25 August 2004

It's alive! IT'S ALIVE!

Finally, finally, finally, finally the site is live.

I have alluded to this project in several posts, including the first one. It's been a ugly process. There was serious feature creep. Nothing worked right the first time. No feature was easy to add. Etc., etc., etc. But it's live. Maybe, just maybe, there is light at the end of this tunnel.

Now it's on to documentation. If you use Visual Studio and haven't seen NDoc, you'll want to. It builds MSDN-style compiled help files from the XML comments in your code. Sure all you J2EE people will scoff and tell me JavaDoc had this years ago, and this is just another case of MS playing catch-up, but I've used JavaDoc and this is way better. And just like JavaDoc, it's Free!

Anyway, on with the commenting....

09 August 2004

Same code. Different defect.

No luck from Rob lending elequence to medicinal maggots, so they've hatched into bugs. Software bugs, to be precise.

Mistakes, oversights, and undocumented features infest the code like larvae, waiting to burst forth during testing as Level 1 defects that interrupt the testers and postpone the launch.

I'm taking a little refuge in the blog, hiding out from the exasperating issues, the onerous products, and one seriously unrelenting deadline. I have Boston is on the jukebox. Styx is probably next. Sometimes you need the old standards....

But I'll need to sleep sometime, so I guess break's over....

03 August 2004

People are begging to try maggots

You might not want to read the following article about medicinal maggots if such things wig you out. Turns out they can clean out an infected wound when surgery won't do it. One woman begged for the treatment when surgeons wanted to amputate her foot. She recovered fully. The article also mentions recent successes with leeches. It's an all around good year for creepy stuff.

There's a lesson in here somewhere. Something about finding better natural solutions to our problems if we're willing to look for them. If I wasn't so tired I might be able to put it more eloquently. Maybe Rob will read this and come up with something better....