27 October 2004

Supporting our troops

I watched Fahrenheit 911 yesterday (finally). The scenes of the war and the conversations with the troops really resonated with me. I also read this article in Newsweek, where soldiers refuse a dangerous mission deliver fuel because they knew it was contaminated. It all got me thinking about the troops and what it means to support them.

These people have voluntarily put their life on the line for our sake. In doing so, they put their trust in us to place them in harms way with good cause and only as a last resort. That's our responsibility to them. That's how we honor them.

This war is a breach of the convenant between the troops and those who enjoy the safety they provide. We do not support our troops when we fail to admit this war is a mistake. Doing so perpetuates this breach of their faith in us. In supporting the war in Iraq, we do further disservice to the troops.

So I'm doing what I can to support our troops. I'm voting for Kerry.

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