24 November 2004

I Killed Scrub and Other Stories

I just looked and it's been a week since I posted. Yow.

Starting with last Friday, I've been working in the city again. Much to my family's chagrin, I've been catching the 7:43 out of Princeton Junction. I've reserved my train meditation for another post....

It was an interesting location at lease, the UN independent Investigation into the Iraq Oil for Food Program. It was trivial filler work - configuring some Cisco network switches and helping with set up some PCs. Every so often you'd hear a snippet of work-related conversation from someone that made you want to eavesdrop, but I didn't.

The shed is really done now. The window sill is rebuilt, sort of. And I vacuumed the whole thing and straightened a lot. Now all the tools are put away. It's done. Except for that sticking door....

We also took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese for a birthday party. If you have never gone there, avoid it like the plague. It is a scary place. Fear it. They heap such adoration on this pizza hocking rat, whipping the children into a frenzy of anticipation for his eventual appearance. I was waiting for them to suddenly shout, "KNEEL! KNEEL BEFORE CHUCK E.!!!!"

Oh yeah, we played D&D Friday night. It was a good game with many wights and vampires (oh my). I managed to take over Sharon and Kathy's characters at one point. Then poor Scrub got left alone, hiding in the hall from the frightening vampires. Scrub was a pitiful little orc that Rob's character took pity on. Unfortunately for him, the hall was right where a pair of pissed of wights returned to the scene of the crime. Scrub didn't know what hit him....

Alas poor Scrub. We hardly knew ye.

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