30 April 2005

The Secret of NiMH

    Nicodemus: Courage of the heart is very rare. The stone has a power when it's there.
      The Secret of NIMH
The power, in this case, is a kicking 2500 mAh of the new MAHA POWEREX AA rechargables I just bought:

Since I'm on a smart energy kick, I thought I'd blog a little about NiMH. They're the environmentally friendly choice for rechargables. They don't contain the dangerous metals that NiCad and Lithium Ion batteries do, and they are less prone to the "memory effect" that the others have. They great for electronics like remotes, digital cameras, and (a big one here) kids toys. We've even started putting them in our clocks with good results. We buy more of these which means we're not buying alkalines that get thrown away. Eat your heart out, bunny!

If you're interested:

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