05 August 2005

Losing My Religion - Introduction

    Another turning point
    A fork stuck in the road
    Time grabs you by the wrist
    Directs you where to go
    So make the best of this test
    And don't ask why
    It's not a question
    But a lesson learned in time
    It's something unpredictable
    But in the end is right
    I hope you had the time of your life
      Good Riddance
      by Green Day

Awhile back in a post about God in government, I alluded to some conclusions I'd come to with respect to religion. In a comment, Rob asked about this, and I promised to post about it later. It's been on my mind a lot. I began a post on this last night, but I'm realizing there is a lot I want to write. Instead of one huge post, I decided present it as a series. It is a very personal topic, so forgive me if it seems a little self indulgent.

Anyway, I've now posted Part I.

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