15 September 2005

Nice what?

    You can't always tell a book by its cover
      Old adage

Likewise, you can't always tell a web site by its domain name. Case in point:


Go on, check it out. Thanks to Snopes for this one.

Update: I'm two-for-two on posting screw-ups. The site should end in ".org" not ".com" as it did earlier.


Sharon GR said...

Ok, sure. SNOPES is how you found this?

We're going to have a little talk about this...


Andrew said...

It looks like the actual site is no longer there. The snopes post now uses webarchive.org to show the site.

Rob S. said...

Is there a similar site for boobies?

Andrew said...

Now that was the joke I was looking for!


Anonymous said...

Hey Andy,

You still at work? It's 6:30, man, go home!