03 November 2005

An ex-wife and an 8-year-old

    It's a sign of a desperate and failing campaign that he would inject family matters into a political context.
      Ivette Mendez
      Corzine campaign spokeswoman

Joanne Corzine had some unflattering remarks about her ex-husband that were published in the today's Star Ledger. No surprisingly, the Forrester campaign quickly latched on to her comments. It seems more than a little desparate to me

Is a candidate's ex-wife really a source you should be touting? Is anyone surprised that Joanne Corzine has a negative opinion of her ex-husband? In a 2003 statement she blamed politics in part for their break-up. Why wouldn't she say he compromised his political ideals? She's been hearing about his ex-girlfriend and the loan he forgave couldn't have helped. She specifically mentions the ad Andrea Forrester praising her husband. Of course she thinks Jon Corzine let his family down.

For the record, in Corzine has always said the divorce was his fault, but the Republicans don't like to mention that because it demostrates honesty and personal responsibility. Forrester went on record holding her comments up as more proof, "that Jon Corzine is wedded to the political bosses." (Clever little play on words there, Doug.)

Why would I expect anything else from Forrester. After all, his is the same campaign proclaiming that "Even Kids Don't Trust Corzine." I guess they've decided eight-year-old Gavin Rozzi speaks for every kid in NJ. That's one of the front-page items on the Forrester web site, by the way. Man, they really are desperate.

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Anonymous said...

I Gavin Rozzi think this is offending because I'm speaking for myself NOT everyone in NJ I'm very dissapointed that Corzine won the election. You can find me in my Republican town that I live in (Forked River) at the Republican club giving a speech on January 10th I would be happy to answer quetions. I'm also starting my own business called Gavin whitch does customized publications my e mail is njrozzi7@aol.com