03 March 2006

Welcome VeeganMD

    Have I ever told you I'm a Vegan? I'm a regular soy boy.

He's an MD. He's a vegan. He might even be Swedish!

And now he has his own blog.

*Although attributed to VeeganMD, this quote may actually be the product of a fiendishly clever imitation


Sexy Vegan Chick said...

You're vegan! Sweetness!
Vegans rock!
I love being vegan, its so much fun knowing that you are helping to save the lives of animals, helping reduce world hunger, and saving the rainforest all at once.


Andrew said...

I'm sorry, no. VeeganMD is a vegan, but I am not. But thanks for the link. I'll pass it on.

Forty_Two said...

Drop by and debate me.