02 May 2006

Seven Wonders of My House

    Makin' people happy, that's my favorite game,
    Lucky Seven is my natural name.
    Slippin' and slidin' my whole life through
    Still I get everything done that I got to do.
    'Cause I was born 'neath a lucky star!
      Schoolhouse Rock

Rob thought this up. Then I read Jeri's. I figured this is one meme I actually have ideas for. So here goes:

  1. My Children: They are truly wonders. Each day the surprise us, challange us, frustrate us, and delight us, sometimes all at once.
  2. The Family Room Bookshelves: My brother-in-law built them for one of his company's customers, but the interior designer gave him the wrong stain color. The color was just fine for us, so now we have custom-built beautiful recessed bookshelves. He also made us furniture to match!
  3. The Solar Panels: Turning each day's sunlight into the electricity that powers our home. Last July we had a $30 electric bill! I never tire of going downstairs to see how many kilowatt hours of electricity we produced and how many kilograms of carbon dioxide we didn't.
  4. The Kitchen Cabinet Secret Compartment: The search for the missing teddy bear cake pan led to the discovery of this seeminly extra-dimensional space in our kitchen. A muffin pan and strainer were also recovered, as was a glass lid we had never seen before.
  5. Franken-deck: This deck should have been torn down years ago. Each year I pull boards off the privacy screen to replace broken decking. I crawl underneath to shore up the rotting joists. One year we'll give in and buy a new deck. But not this year. (Knock on wood.) (If you can find any on that deck.)
  6. The Shelf of no Return: If you can't figure out where to put something, that's where you should put it. If you can't find something, that's where you should look.
  7. Sharon: Is there nothing she cannot do? I doubt it. Tremble at her awesome power. (Did I mention she's cute?)

I didn't mention the pets, so let me give them honorable mention here. Also the dining room table, which can hold food for eight and support a six-year D&D campaign.

Thanks again to Rob for a great idea.


Rob S. said...

I was wondering when either you or Sharon would get to this. When I did it, it seemed right up your alley!

Great choices, by the way. That table really works wonders.

Jeri said...

Good job, Andrew.

I'm publicly vowing here and now to get solar panels when I sell my next book (assuming there's any left over after agent's commission and income taxes and promo budget without which the books will tank and end my career). The cap on electricity rates just went away here in MD, and we're all hurting, all of a sudden. Seriously, though, you've set a great example.

Andrew said...

Sharon get's all the credit for that. (See above re. her awsomeness.)

Rob said...

Mine's up too. Go here.


Sharon GR said...

Thank you, dear.

You forgot The Hole In the Wall- Andrew cut a big hole in a wall from the foyer to the living room a few years ago, opening up a new way to see the Christmas train layout as well as a new avenue for light to enter our previously dark-as-a-cave living room. He also wired new lights into the room, and put them on a switch.

Did I mention he's cute, too?