12 June 2006

That's MY Assemblymen!

    Not as much as no name politicians from New Jersey.
      Ann Coulter

His name is Michael Panter, Ann, and I voted for him. It is out of respect for him that I have not told you what you can do with your book or where you can go.

My assemblyman, Michael freakin' Panter, challenged Coulter on her home turf -the FOX "News" Hannity & Colmes show. My favorite line:

Your hyperbole is exciting, but no one wants to burn your book.

Yeah! Damn, I was proud of my district tonight!

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Sharon GR said...

Here's the video. Yes, you have to go to Fox News to get it- maybe you should wait until you're about to take a shower anyway.

Here's the PoliticsNJ poll as to who won the debate. As of right now, Panter's got it. Not that we're biased here in Jersey...