12 October 2006

Couldn't even hear the whistle blow

    Lord I'm one, Lord I'm two, Lord I'm three, Lord I'm four,
    Lord I'm 500 miles from my home.
      Hedy West

Sunday morning I began my day 1000 miles from home. It was the last day of our vacation in Florida. Sunday evening we boarded our 6:20 PM flight back to NJ. Sunday night found us safely home and in bed.

By 5 AM Monday morning, I was already up and back in Newark, boarding the 5:20 AM flight to Charlotte, NC. At 9 AM, I was in Greenville, SC. I was 700 miles from home. I made the return trip that same day, arriving home at 9 PM.

By 10 AM Tuesday I'd driven 75 miles to White Plains, NY. The traffic gods smiled on me that evening, and I was home by 7:30 PM.

In three days I travelled 2,550 miles through five different states (not counting the ones I flew over). I went through three international airports. I drove two rental cars, flew two different airlines, and rode on three different planes.

Some observations:

  • I would fly JetBlue over U.S. Air any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
  • The Chevy Cobalt was better than I thought, the PT Cruiser less than I hoped.
  • I should have asked for an economy car. They never have them, so I'd have been upgraded for free.
  • Orlando is a really nice airport. Charlotte is okay. Newark is getting better.

Yesterday, I went to work. It's 21 miles each way, and I don't have to leave the state.

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I concurr on Newark.