23 February 2007

When you don't know the answer...

    Joel, you wanna know something? Every now and then say, "What the fuck."
      Miles (Curtis Armstrong)
      Risky Business

Someone forwarded these to me - the appear to be a collection of funny test answers. I have no idea if their for real, but I got a real kick out of them.

Clearly each of ehese answers represent a person giving up. This first one just comes out and says as much:

These next two just went the wacky non-sequiter route:

Then there's the idea that if you follow the instructions, no matter how you follow them, you must be right.

I love the found x. Heck, that was easy!
And finally, like Kirk with the Kobayashi Maru, if don't know the solution, change the problem.

Well of course. There's an elephant in the way. I'll have to remember that one.


Christian Ready said...

Oh, MAN does that bring back memories of my undergrad days!

Rob S. said...

He;s right, though -- Batman is Bruce Wayne.

Jeri said...

Love it! Makes me wish I had a copy of my genetics final from sophomore year.