09 August 2007

No party

    It's going to be a trap. It's not going to be a party... at all. It‘s never a fucking party.
      Jeffrey Sebelia
      Project Runway Season 3 winner

Comments to my last Top Chef post included Rob's opinion that Top Chef is more civilized than Hell's Kitchen. That may be, but last night they were pretty damned evil. The cheftestants are told they'll be getting a night out at a hot Miami club. They spend time getting dressed up, then hop in the awaiting limo that takes them to... an elimination challenge. Cook outside in catering wagons, and serve food to clubgoers after closing time.

Had they Jeffrey Sebelia's wisdom, they'd have known this was coming. As it is, they are stunned. What's worse, in a move reminiscent of POW camp mind games, the Quickfire winner is whisked away in the limo for a one-on-one dinner with guest judge Govind Armstrong at one of his restaurants. Even the nicest of those remaining confess hatred of their fellow cheftestant for this lucky break.

Ah well, what did they expect? After all, it's reality TV. It's never a party.

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Rob said...

Not even close to the punishments the losing teams in Hell's Kitchen had to endure. Sorting recyclables from a dumpster full of trash, unloading whole shipments of kitchen supplies and food, including cases of wine by hand (with no hand trucks allowed). Fileting hundreds of fish for the dinner service....

Two weeks ago on Hell's kitchen they brought in the mothers of the four contestants left - gave them the dishes they prepared without telling them who prepared it - and had the moms judge which was best to determine the winner. Now THAT's harsh! Getting booted because your own mom hated your dish? Ouch!