05 December 2007

Meat Locker

    It's cold enough to hang meat in here!
      David Letterman

I'm in a meeting in a hotel conference room. It is freezing. The room was 58° when we came in. Man my toes are cold. I am warming my fingers over the cooling vent on my laptop. The thermostat has one of those plexi-glass covers locked over it. The best part is the sign on the cover. It reads*:

The Temperature is Permanently set for your comfort and convenience.

Wow, thanks!

* The capitalization is theirs, not mine.


Rob said...

If the plexi-glass cover has vents in it - something long and thin can usually be inserted somehow to change the temperature.

I'm sure the folks in the room would love to figure out how to do that rather than talk about whatever it is you're talking about! ;-)


Anonymous said...

How about the old elementary school trick of draping a wet brown paper towel over the thermostat? Always worked in the 70s.

Andrew said...

Rob, don't think we didn't try that. The thermostat inside has a little door you need to open to access the control buttons. We had the hotel staff in several times to adjust it. The heating system itself was broken. Later in the day they were working on it, including sawing into the sheetrock on the other side of the wall. The noise from that really helped our meeting stay focused....