17 January 2008

Do you speak it?

    Think what you're dealing with. The majesty and grandeur of the English language, it's the greatest possession we have.
      Professor Henry Higgins
      My Fair Lady

I got a real kick out of this.

See www.insureyourgunrights.com

This is a real recruiting site owned and maintained by the NRA. Those of you proficient in English may wonder if “insure” is the proper word.

If so, check: www.ensureyourgunrights.com


Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you! In my studied anonymity, I thank you!

Andrew said...

Sorry it took so long.

Anonymous said...

My want to correct spelling. "In Got ..."

Andrew said...

I suspect you're referring to the typo in this post. Clearly I don't speak it, or maybe I just can't type it. Thanks for the head's up.

You might want to check word usage, though. "My want...."