22 April 2008

Yeah, still the same

    When you see me coming run
    Before you see what I’m running from
    No time for question asking time is passing by
      Gnarls Barkley

I have no specific reasons for not blogging - just haven't. Maybe I just needed to overcome the inertia. If this doesn't get you going, I'm not sure what will. The first single from the new Gnarls Barkley album:

P.S. To ivorybillchick, don, and rob s.: Thanks. It's nice to know you're missed.


Rob S. said...

Looks like I have another GB album to buy.

Rob said...

Absolutely, it's always great to hear your thoughts on whatever....

I'm not that prolific on my blog either, but I find Twitter kind of fills the gap for me, to fire off quick blurbs....


Don said...

Yeah - I watched that a dozen times then bought that song and a bunch more. Thanks for the Gnarly heads-up.