20 May 2010

On a rail

    On a train bound for nowhere.
      Kenny Rogers

Yet another morning finds me on the train to NYC. Anyone who knows me knows I love trains. It probably seems silly to some, but I still get excited when I get to ride the new NJT double-deck cars. Today I scored the singe seat with the baggage bin next to it. Ahh, luxury.

This week I've been working in Flushing, which means the E train from Penn Station to Queens. That's fun too, because I love the new NYC subway cars.

(BTW, right now I am side-by-side with a Metroliner, keeping almost perfect pace. Wait... taking the lead... and first into Newark Penn!)

Anyway, where was I? The new Subway cars (more information than you could imagine here). They have the clear automated voice and best of all, this electronic diagram of the line showing you what stops are ahead of you. Of course, you need to check the board and listen to the automated voice. The other day I didn't and ended up on the F which takes an entirely different route to Manhattan, crossing the E's line on the way.

That's happens a lot with the NYC subways. Other subway systems, the Boston T, for example, look much more organized. There is an organic quality to the NYC subway map which is annoying or cool, depending on how you look at it.

So, running out of power and no outlet nearby. A useful project would be mapping NJT rolling stock to show where outlets are....

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