21 December 2004

The Injury

Is it "get a big band-aid" bad or "we're going to the hospital" bad?

It was the latter. You can take a look, but do so at your own peril. You've been warned.

I was working on "The Project" (which is complete, BTW). I needed to trim some wood shims I used to level out what I was nailing. The shims were thin wood, so I was using a razor knife to trim the excess. You can probably see where this is going. There was this one little nub still sticking out. A quick pass with the knife removed it just fine. Unfortunately, right below it was my thumb.

After shouting many words my children aren't supposed to hear, it was determined that, yes, a visit to the E.R. was in order. The girls went to the neighbors and Sharon and I headed off to CentraState Medical center. It was a bit crowded, so rooms were scarce. Right when they had one, a rig came with someone who was really hurt, and I ended up in one of the pediatric wing rooms. This meant that it had a really cool planet border and NASA poster on the wall. It also meant that no one knew who had my files.

Eventually one of the doctors came in and made short work of the clean and stitch process. Sitting up proved to be a mistake, however, as the room started to spin and fade a little midway through the process. Funny that up until then I was fine.

In any event, after more waiting and a final bandage wrap, we were on our way home with only four hours lost from the day. The stitches come out next Monday. So this Christmas, it's Franken-thumb.


Rob S. said...

Ow... I mean... oww...

Rob S. said...

Hey! You're at work!

Me too.