11 December 2004

Late night (or early morning) rambling

Captains log: I'm tired. So tired.
The home improvement saga continues. Drywall and floor have been removed and replaced. I'm becoming a master of joint compound. Stanley Steamer comes on Thursday. I need to be done by then.

Forgot to mention this earlier - we saw The Polar Express last weekend. What a good movie. I know some of you were freaked out by the almost-real look of it, but I just keep seeing those Chris Van Allsburg drawings from the book. And they managed to expand the story into a movie yet remain true to the book. I know some have panned it, but I'm with Ebert on this one.

Oh yeah, cut and run Kerik (per Rob's post) just cut and ran.

Oh well, that's enough stream of consciousness for now. Off to bed.

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Sharon GR said...

It's done! Woo-hoo! I dunno if anyone will see this comment, but really, you'll be shocked when you see our living/dining room. It's a completely different space. And, we're really glad about that.