26 January 2005

The 'Ole Ninety-sixer

    Roman Craig:But there's nothing left but fat and grizzle.
    Grill Chef:Mmmm hmmm.
      -The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors is by no means a good movie. But I remember that scene from movie's stint on cable overkill.

I was immediately reminded of it when I read about Denny's Beer Barrel Pub in PA and their Ye Olde 96er, a 96 oz. burger. In addition to its 6 lbs. of meat, it comes with 2 tomatoes, a half-head of lettuce, 12 slices of American cheese, a cup of peppers, 2 onions, mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard.

I learned of the 96er from this page at Snopes. Recently I saw the link back in Snopes' "What's New" section with an update. A 100 lb. 19-year-old woman from Princeton became to first person to eat an entire 96er in just under three hours, which meant the meal was free. She also got a certificate and prizes.

The triple-bypass was not included.


Sharon GR said...

This was front-page news, above the fold, in the Trenton Times.

Allen? Are you ready?

PapaGoose said...

It was 1995, and the burger was only 2 pounds (weight before cooking). I ate it all and the fries!

Ah! Glory days...

I sure as heck can't eat the way I used to.

PapaGoose said...

'Tis no man, 'tis a remorseless eating machine.

PapaGoose said...

Kinda apropos that this was posted on my birthday.