11 January 2005

With friends like these

    Be careful Frank, they eat their wounded up there
      -Lt. Al 'Gee' Giardello
      Homicide: Life on the Streets
I have been put in the awkward position of supporting Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ). In general I have despised him for his vehement anti-choice position. However, I am completely against his ouster from the House Committee on Veterans Affairs. Apparently being a hardline anti-choice congressman is not enough for the current GOP leadership. Only blind obedience will be accepted, and anything less will be punished. So much for all that talk at the convention about the GOP being open to different opinions.

And for what? Having the audacity to insist that we increase spending for veterans. During wartime no less. That's how the GOP supports our troops I guess.

Update: Here is an editorial, also from The Times, about the so-called Big Tent.


Jeri said...

That is so creepy. We just watched that episode last night. And actually, the line is "They eat their wounded up there." I wouldn't normally be obnoxious enough to correct someone's quote on their own blog, but "wounded" is especially appropriate when referring to veterans.

It's scary how little the GOP seems to care about public opinion. It's like they know they only have two years before the Revolution. I saw a poll that showed Bush's approval rating below 50%, by far the lowest for a president entering his second term. Congress had an even lower approval rating, I think in the high 30s.

Andrew said...

Thanks Jeri. I couldn't find the exact quote, and I was going for memory. It's fixed (in case anyone is wondering, it used to say "eat their own".)

That whole Big Tent thing is such bullshit. It was just a bait-n-switch on the GOP moderates. You would think they would know better, having been fooled once already.