29 March 2005

Bloggus Interuptus

    And Sharkey says: Hey, kemosabe! Long time no see.
      Sharkey's Night
      by Laurie Anderson

So once again, a long hiatus in posting. I'm not sure why I haven't posted. Some things one might post about are best kept out of view from the wandering eyes of search engines. Other things are too depressing to rail against week after week.

Terri Schiavo is one topic that fits the latter condition. I blogged about her, or rather the GOP hypocrisy surrounding her. Rob had this to say. Jeri pointed out this observation of the GOP. The blogging activity about Schiavo is a news event on its own. At this point, I have heard to much. I want everyone to stop talking about it. The legal battle over, the case has become a deathwatch. I don't need a news story explaining in painful detail how she will die. I don't need info-graphics. Thank God for Anna Quindlen.

If you haven't read Rob's post of 17 March, you should. I spent Friday wiring in another smoke detector. I also wired them together, so that if one goes off, they all go off. The hardest part was getting a new line from the basement to the second floor attic. Having accomplished that, I can now continue adding smoke detectors to all the bedrooms.

Easter was good. We had my parents, Sharon's sister and her family, and Ed, Jancice, and Ed's mom. It was an excellent dinner (of course). Mustard crusted leg of lamb in a wine demi-glace. The kids had fun hunting for eggs (plastic, filled with candy) and playing. It was a very good day.

So that's the update. Hopefully there will be some more frequent posts.

Oh yeah, check out this guy's page.

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