04 March 2005

This one goes to eleven

    And so today, my world it smiles,
    Your hand in mine, we walk the miles,
    Thanks to you it will be done,
    For you to me are the only one.
      Thank you
      Led Zeppelin
The quote was as far as I got on this post before going to bed on the morning of our eleventh wedding anniversary. The day itself was not what we planned, I'll tell that story next. Meanwhile....

Early in the morning of January 1st, 1993, her annual New Years party was winding down (it was still hers, not ours). Sharon and I were talking about what you always talk about at New Years: resoutions. I knew what I was hoping for, but I wasn't sure where Sharon stood and didn't want to push. I was still recovering from a crash that almost totalled my car and me with it. (For the record, it was my fault, the result of me being an idiot). I asked Sharon what she wanted. She answered with a question, "So, are you going to marry me, you son of a bitch, or what?" So okay, I guess I didn't have to worry about pushing....

Two months later we'd found an apartment and were all set to move in. The night before we moved in, I told Sharon that I was going to wait to ask her until we actually moved in. "Oh, you can wait if you want," she said. I didn't wait. She said yes. Two days shy of a year later, we were married. When we were down the aisle and in the narthex, I turned to her and she grabbed me. We held each other for what felt like forever, cliches be damned. A day later we were on a train to New Orleans. Ah, New Orleans. Someday we'll return.

And now it's been eleven years. Back then we had an apartment and a cat. Now we have a house, three cats, two dogs, and the two most wonderful girls on this earth. I remember once when we were arguing and fuming about something (probably me being an idiot again). At some point, Sharon started telling me about something that had been on her mind. It had nothing to do with the argument, whatever that was. What I remember is this: it was the kind of thing she needed to tell her best friend about, but she couldn't, because we weren't talking.

That is what Sharon and I have. I don't mean the stupid arguments, though we have our share. Someone once told Sharon that she didn't need her spouse to be her best friend. Parent, partner, stable, etc., those were the things this person was looking for. That's not Sharon and I. She is the one I turn to with a problem. She's the one that gives me support and encouragement, and I hope I do in return.

So, here's to year twelve. And thirteen. And fourteen. And twenty-five. And fifty. And so on....

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Sharon GR said...

I love you, too. Did I say that yet today? I hope so.