11 June 2005

Electric shed!

    When you're in the dark,
    And you want to see
    You need uh...
    (Electricity, electricity!)
    Flip that switch
    And what do you get?
    You get uh...
    (Electricity, electricity!)
    Every room
    Can now be lit
    With just uh...
    (Electricity, electricity!)
      Schoolhouse Rock
No, the electric shed is not a new dance. I've been wanting to run electricity to the shed in out back yard for awhile. Well, I finally did it. We're going to replace our gas mower with a rechargable electric, and it needs to stay plugged in. That was my excuse to start wiring.

Digging the trench was the biggest hassle. The UF cable needs to be buried twelve inches down. It went fairly well though. I dug in segments and burying a bit at a time. I punched a small hole in the basement wall and I was ready to start connecting. I added a brand new circuit to the panel with a GFCI breaker, so the whole line is protected. I put in an outlet and light! Now you can see in there at night time!

Okay, I'm probably more excited about this that is necessary. But sometimes you need a rewarding little home project to put you in a good mood.

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