01 June 2005

Motion in the ocean

    When we are on the ocean we have almost limitless access to energy, but a modern vessel fights the elements. The albatross gets 98 percent of its energy for flight from the wind and two percent from its wings.
      Per Brinchmann
      Naval architect for Wallenius Wilhelmsen
Shipping firm Wallenius Wilhelmsen has designed a concept cargo ship with near-zero emissions. According to this article, the ship would be powered by wind, waves, and the sun. How cool is that?

Also, here's a story about a Scottish firm deploying three wave power generation units off the coast of Portugal. These units will be able to generate 2.25 megawatts, and 30 more could follow. The up, down, and side to side bobbing of the sausage shaped units pumps fluid to hydraulicly driven generators.

Looks like wave motion isn't just for Starblazers anymore!

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