26 July 2005

Godspeed Discovery

    Freedom lies in being bold.
      Robert Frost
Good luck and godspeed to the crew of Discovery. The dedication and determination of the men and women of NASA are an inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Looks like they're standing down. I'm not sure why, but they did enter a failure mode and the crew is leaving the orbiter and heading back home.

Nothing disasterous, but they appear to have lost a redundant fuel level sensor and they obviously don't want to launch without full redundancy.

They don't know how right now how long it will take to turn this one around. Oh well, launching a space shuttle is like...launching a space shuttle!


Andrew said...

I was afraid of that. Well, I'll bump this to the top of the list when the next launch attempt comes.

Andrew said...

I just reposted this for today. So far, still all systems go.

Andrew said...