05 October 2005

The Maxwell Edison Story

    It's a fun song, but it's kinda sick because Maxwell keeps on killing everyone.
      George Harrison
    If it's good enough to take to your psychiatrist, it's good enough to make a song of.
      Paul McCartney

I quoted The Beatles song "Maxell's Silver Hammer" in my post about Delay. I got a comment I initially thought was just more blog-spam. It turned out to be someone who'd made a Flash animation video of the song.

It's good - check it out (but not with kids around).

Update: It turns out dave decay posted the link. Thanks!

1 comment:

Dave said...

Hi Andrew,

I posted that link to the flash animation, but somehow it came from anonymous. Perhaps I wasn't logged in at the time.

Anyway, glad you liked it. It is a bit much for the younger set to see.