11 April 2006

Clearing in the east, finally

    The smell of hospitals in winter
    And the feeling that it's all a lot of oysters, but no pearls
      Counting Crows

Several people asked me about the "darker weather" comment in this post. Sorry I left that hanging. I figured I'd have more to say when things settled down a bit, but it's taken a lot longer for that to happen. I'll cut to the chase - everyone is fine. Here are the details:

The comment came from news that a "spot" showed up on my father's chest X-ray. Also, blood tests showed certain elevated levels that can indicate cancer. He would be having a CT scan the next day. It took four more days to get results. To everyone's relief, the scan showed no signs of cancer - the best possible outcome. They'll keep watching, but the news could have been much worse.

A day later, my mom called me. She was in the car, my dad was driving her to the ER with chest pains and elevated blood pressure. She made me promise I wouldn't drive too fast on the way to the hospital, and I didn't. We spent the next several hours there while they ran tests, monitored her vitals, and gave her medication to lower the blood pressure. She was admitted, and they kept her two days under observation in a telemetry unit where they constantly monitor her heart. They did an echocardiogram and a stress test. All came back fine.

She did have a sky-high fasting blood sugar, so she's on drugs for diabetes. It's looking like she doesn't need insulin, though, so some good news there. She's back home now. She was still in the car when she called, enjoying the fresh air. I'm sure she feels better just being out of the hospital. Just being there makes you feel sick, I think.

It's been one thing after another these last few weeks. I'm knocking on wood as I say that maybe things are finally settling down.


Chris A. said...

Glad to hear that the news is good at this point; hope the weather stays clear for a long time to come.

Sean Ryan said...

Left a comment on your advair scare. Let me know what you think. SK

Anonymous said...

Advair has been a life saver for me. As my asthma got worse, the inhalers & even neb treatments didn't do the trick. I had to be given steroids 4 x a year..it was getting out of control. I take advair responsibly and would report any side effects. If I skip doses I feel it within days. It is a very good drug!