24 December 2008

Goodbye Green-eyed Lady

    Green-eyed lady, lovely lady.
      Green-eyed Lady by Sugarloaf
      (words and music by J.C. Phillips and David Riordan)

We lost Gypsy last night. Her back legs weren't working and she was in pain, so we took her to the vet. It was likely a clot blocking the flow of blood to her back legs, but that didn't really matter. She was sixteen and in a lot of pain. They administer a strong sedative first, so nothing after will be felt. Almost immediately she stopped howling and slowly drifted off. That's when we knew we'd made the right choice.

We'll miss you lady-cat.


chrisready said...

Andrew, we are so sorry for the loss to your family. There is never a good time for this and last night of all nights is so unfair. Love and light to you, Sharon, the girls, and especially Gypsy.

Chris A. said...

Ditto to everything Chris eloquently expressed above.

SG said...

i'm so sorry to read this. i went through it as well, so i know. :-(

after finding the Hunter S Thompson, i checked your front page, saw this and freaked on 2 levels: content and coincidence (was writing and had just referred to when i was in your situ, end of march/early april, a few years ago).

i hope this time is easier on you and your family, goes easier than you might've assumed it would.

RIP Gypsy. x

SG said...

ahh... stupid me just noticed the date. duhhhh... but i'm still sorry for your loss.

Sharon GR said...

Y'know, we've lost two additional cats since this post. Maybe it's time to update what our friends affectionately call "The Dead Cat Blog"?

igxe said...

Ditto to everything Chris eloquently expressed above.

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