06 January 2010

    A state cannot so deem a class of persons a stranger to its laws.
      Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy
      (Romer v. Evans)

It's time I dusted off this blog, and what better reason than tommorow's State Senate vote on Marraige Equality in New Jersey.

Everyone deserves to marry the person they love. It's that simple. I stole the following action list from Sharon:

  1. Call your State Senators and tell them to do what's right. (When following that link, click the "state" tab.) If you already know who your Senator is, go here for contact information.
  2. Email your Senator. It can't hurt to do both.
  3. Go to Trenton tomorrow. Garden State Equality has info here.

This is our best opportunity. Let's not squander it.


Rob S. said...

You're blogging again!

Keep it coming.

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You're blogging again!

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