08 February 2005

Gettin' Fuzzy

    Germany doesn't do everything perfectly... go ask Poland
      -Rob Wilco
      Get Fuzzy
Darby Conley's Get Fuzzy is a satisfying little comic strip. I say satisfying, because I always feel like reading the strip was time well spent, as opposed to some that leave me wishing I hadn't bothered. It isn't always laugh out loud funny, but it has this wry humor.

Not to mention that its main character, Rob Wilco, is one of us. I've been behind in the dailies, but I just caught up. Sharon told me that Rob was defending his love of D&D last week, and this week he's brewing beer. Today, he explains to Bucky and Satchel (his dog and cat, respectively) that the best beer is Belgian.

Right on, Rob!

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