07 February 2005

This spot is hot

    Gonna get myself,
    I'm gonna get myself
    Gonna get myself connected
      -Stereo MC's
I'm stuck today at some lame job keeping a seat warm just in case they have a problem with their computers. I guess I shouldn't complain, becasue basically I'm getting paid to sit around. But I had to get me and my family up early to take me to the train station, and this is excruciatingly boring.

Luckily, I decided to fire up the laptop and found an open wireless network. The number of open hotspots in NYC these days is incredible. They're everywhere. I don't know how companies like T-mobile make money when Joe Schmoe's residential DSL line is open for business. Last week I managed to find not one, but two networks in range. And that's not even counting the open networks that the city has set up in public places.

Anyway, all I have to say is thanks izu, whoever you are. You're network made my day a little less dull.

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