20 January 2006

Find good beer

    "He was a wise man who invented beer."

All over the web people are using the Google Maps API to develop their own map-based guides and services. Many of these efforts are chronicled on the Google Maps Mania blog.

For the beer drinkers among us, here are two great efforts:

  • The Crooked Beat Beer and Music Map maintained by The Crooked Beat, a site dedicated to local music in the NY/NJ area. The page allows you to limit your search based on live music and the number of good beers available.
  • The Beer Mapping Project does it on a national scale. It features maps for several metropolitan areas (including NY and Philly) as well as a nationwide map of breweries and brew pubs.

Now you have no excuse for drinking lousy beer.


Sharon GR said...

There has never been an excuse for drinking lousy beer.

Rob S. said...

Google Maps is Da Best!