03 January 2006

Takin' that ride

    We're on a road to nowhere
    Come on inside
    Takin' that ride to nowhere
    We'll take that ride
    Feelin' okay this mornin'
    And you know,
    We're on the road to paradise
    Here we go, here we go
      The Talking Heads
      "Road to Nowhere"

For the openning quote, I almost chose the "Move It, Move It" song from Madagascar. It is one of those catchy tunes that implant themselves in you conciousness. It's also one that your kids will sing over and over and over no matter how much you beg them to stop. I almost picked it because of the part with King Julien chanting, "Physically fit, physically fit, physically, physically, physically fit!"

The Today Show this morning noted that the New Year is a time when people resolve to get in shape. I want to point out that I did start a little earlier, last October (or there about). I began bike riding three times a week. A light start, yes, but you've got to start somewhere. Then it got cold and snowed a lot. So much for riding. For Christmas I asked for and got a stationary bike. It has a computer that varies the resistance according to a program and/or heart rate. So I'm back riding again, though I never leave my basement. One plus is that I can listen to my iPod without fear of getting run over because I didn't hear a car horn....

I am taking a risk in announcing my new exercise initiative, because I could let it slide. But, then, I already got the bike and I don't want that to be a waste. Besides, I'm actually a kind of excited about the opportunity to be a little more physically, physically, physically fit.

Sorry. See what I'm talking about?


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,

Have fun on the stationary bike. It can be a lot of fun if you have your tunes playing or a TV nearby.

Speaking of iPods, or podcasts, I just heard about this guy's quest to burn 20 lbs in 20 weeks. I may have to subscribe myself as I have some weight loosing to get on with (been eating like a slob since Thanksgiving!).


Jeri said...

I think posting one's resolutions makes it harder to blow them off. We're all watching, Andrew.....so get your ass in gear! And I mean that in the nicest, most supportive way possible.

Sharon GR said...

"Physically fit, physically fit, physically, physically, physically fit."