20 January 2006

Thanks Skippy!

    Say hello to my little friend!
      Tony Montanna

It's not every day a two-bit low-life blog like mine shows up on bigtime blogs like skippy the bush kangaroo. I saw an uptick in my stats today and a quick look at me referrers told me why: Skippy gave me a "say hello" link today! Thanks!

That being the case, I want to highlight a couple of good blogs and blog posts. I usually don't hightlight these blogs because they're where I get all my hits from.... Anyway, here they are:

  • On Blanton's and Ashton's you'll find this excellent post about the State of Union speech Bush gave and the one he's going to give.
  • This post on Laughing at the Pieces you just need to read. I won't try to describe it here, but you'll love it.
  • Podcast listenners might want to visit the Jersey Jam Cast for some podsafe local music.
  • Author Jeri Smith-Ready offers insight into both her craft and her life here.
  • And for general excellence, visit The Center of NJ Life, the blog that should have won the Screaming Carrot.

Check them out.

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