26 November 2007

Local Turkey

    Gobble Gobble Goo and Gobble Gobble Giggle
    I wish Turkey only cost a nickel.
      Adam Sandler

Almost forgot to throw up a post about this. For the first time we got our turkey locally at Lee Turkey Farm in East Windsor, NJ. It was dee-lish. Picking up the turkey was kind of fun. The sixth-generation owner Ronny Lee was greeting people as he ran back and forth getting pies from the freezer. There were fresh stalks of brussel sprouts also, two of which supplied our vegetables. We will definitely getting our Turkey there next year!

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DBK said...

Haven't seen brussels sprouts on the stalk in ages. I love brussels sprouts. I blanch them, then sautee them with bacon.

Bacon is nature's most nearly perfect food.