07 November 2007


    Life springs eternal on a gaudy neon street.
      Sheryl Crow

So I'm in Vegas, defying Luxor their $13 a night by using my phone for internet access. I'm here for a the DevConnections conference at Mandalay Bay. I'm not staying at the Mandalay Bay, I'm next door in Luxor because the Mandalay Bay was booked. (How many times can I type Mandalay bay?) Many people are even further away in MGM Grand.

I've been sending photo dispatches home. Here are some highlights:

The Sphinx at Luxor and a headless Lenin statue in Mandalay Bay:

The roller coaster at New York New York and some guy sitting with live lions at MGM Grand:

By the way, the coaster is way cool. I had some time to took around on Monday and see all this. Today was more conference stuff - all day in fact. But I did get free food that should offset the awesome sushi at Jpop Sushi at (one more time) Mandalay Bay.

Oh yeah, here is the really big tub in my room:

For some reason my youngest wondered if I sing in it.

No, not yet. But there's still time.


Anonymous said...


That tub looks kinda small from my screen. And I wanna hear about the nutcase hanging out with man-eating cats. what's up with that?


Rob S. said...

Man, it's three months away and I'm ALREADY jonesing for Vegas.

Sharon GR said...

I've never been there.


Andrew said...

Trust me Brenda. It's big.